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Our team consists of a group of smart, self-motivated, women of integrity, goal-oriented and highly skilled sales professionals who work hard and hold themselves accountable.
We…Meet, Greet, Motivate, Empower and Inspire each other for the next level.

Welcome to Banging Bangles Independent Consultant (BBIC) Registration!

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Banging Bangles Independent Consultant (BBIC). We appreciate your interest in joining the team.

1. Business Overview Video:  Please make sure that you have reviewed the BUSINESS OVERVIEW: (Please note: Location is no longer an issue to become a consultant).

2. Apply: Please provide all requested information. Do not leave boxes blank.

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3. Sign the Business Contract (Terms & Conditions):

4. Business Requirement:  The initial business fee to register is a one time $50 payment paid via the following link Thereafter $26/mo recurring fee and ordering your initial product to become ACTIVE.  This should be done immediately after registering. Your recurring invoices will be billed via a debit or credit card that will be on file with our accountant.

5. Order your kit & any other marketing materials! Purchase your BBIC kit here!  (For a glimpse of what’s in stock to request for your inventory, please follow the link below: *PLEASE NOTE: Requests are 1st come, 1st shipped…we do out best w/ what’s in stock!)

6. Join the BBIC Facebook Group: and review the Announcements, Files & Inventory Albums to share pics of what you were shipped.

For questions, email: